Pepper Gets Lost…

Chapter 1

pepper in kitchennew

“PEPPER!” “Naughty dog!”

Janet was furious.

Pepper was rolling in muck right in the middle of the kitchen, a soggy, stringy piece of cabbage from last night’s dinner was hanging from his mouth.

It was a disaster zone. Left-overs and gravy dripped from the ceiling, cold mashed potato was splashed on the walls, baked beans and other smelly waste filled every nook and cranny. It really was disgusting.

Pepper had been having a great time rummaging through the kitchen bin, right up to the point when Janet came into the kitchen and screamed. Then Bob raced in; he was going to explode.

“PEPPER OUTSIDE,” Bob yelled at the top of his voice.

Pepper slowly walked out the back door, head bowed and tail between his legs. Pepper knew he was in trouble.

Let me introduce you to Pepper, the naughty cattle dog.

Pepper is the family pet of the Wilson family. Bob Wilson (Dad) is a school teacher. Bob is married to Janet who has the important job of being Mum to Jamie and Alice.

The Wilsons live in Banksia Street in the seaside town of Ocean Beach. They love their very excitable dog, Pepper, who is ALWAYS trashing the house and getting into heaps of mischief!

A week hasn’t gone by when Pepper hasn’t dug a big hole in the garden, ripped out some plants, chewed up some toys, chased the lawnmower, raided the kitchen cupboards, escaped the back yard, emptied the rubbish onto the floor, or chewed the furniture. Bob was quite serious when he said, “if I ever catch Pepper chewing the furniture again, I am going to send him to work at an outback cattle station to pay for the damage!”

I tell you, Pepper can be really naughty.

He once chewed Alice’s ‘Tickle me Elmo’ and swallowed the giggle widget.

For the next two days, Pepper giggled and shook uncontrollably. Three days later, Jamie found the giggle widget after Pepper had pooed it out in Jamie’s shoes.

YUK! poo in shoes_fmt

So, as you now know, Pepper is a Cattle Dog – an Australian Cattle Dog – which is as Aussie as a Hills Hoist, Vegemite, Crocodile Dundee and the Wiggles.

Some say that Australian Cattle Dogs were invented around 100 years ago to help farmers round up cows, especially in the hot Aussie sun; so they have lots of energy and love to chase everything. They come in two colours, red and blue.

Pepper is a Blue Cattle Dog and is also known as a ‘Blue Heeler’ because they nip the heels of the cows to keep them moving.

The Wilsons don’t have any cows for Pepper to chase at home. Luckily Pepper is content with chasing the lawnmower, the odd bird, and most of all, balls. In fact, there is one thing that Pepper loves more than anything in the world, and that is BALLS.

Ball, ball, ball, ball, ball! Play, play, play, ball, ball, ball, ball, ball!

When the Wilson’s wake up in the morning, Pepper will be bouncing on one of their beds with a ball in his mouth. I’m sure if Pepper could speak, he would be saying, “Come on, get up, let’s play ball!”

When the kids get home from school, there’s Pepper with the ball. Ball, ball, ball, ball, ball! Play, play, play, ball, ball, ball, ball, ball!

When Pepper loses a ball, he has an amazing ability to simply find another, and he finds them in the most bizarre places!

Pepper and ball_fmt

Footballs, tennis balls, soccer balls, basket balls, beach balls – Pepper loves them all!

Ironically, it is Pepper’s love of balls that led him to do the most naughty thing ever.

This is the story of when Pepper gets lost…